Hayley Marsten shares the ultimate Spotify playlist for a 'Recreational Cry'

Hayley Marsten shares the ultimate Spotify playlist for a ‘Recreational Cry’

Following her hit, Bittersweet at Best, Hayley Marsten bares her soul again, through a special playlist: “Sometimes you just need to do a bit of crying before you get back to hot girl shit.”

Last week, Hayley Marsten blew us away with the launch of her captivating and earnest single, Bittersweet at Best. Now, we catch up with the Queensland-hailing songstress once again, as she continues to wear her heart on her sleeve by sharing her specially-curated Spotify playlist with us.

Aptly titled Recreational Cry, Marsten tells us: “Sometimes you just need to do a little bit of crying before you can get back to doing your hot girl shit. So to make it quick, easy and efficient to get your tears out, I have collated the songs I use for my recreational cries!”

Credit: Jazmyn Produces

Now there’s a Spotify playlist we can get on board with! Because let’s face it, we all have days that call for a good cathartic cry, and as we all know, there’s nothing quite like the healing power of music to get us back on our feet again once we’ve wiped away those tears!

This is a feeling Hayley Marsten understands all too well. Speaking of the tracks on this playlist, she shares, “I have used them for such moments as when my car broke down many years ago in the airport link tunnel on the way to my retail day job and I had to cry because it was so stupid before I needed to talk to the tow truck. Sometimes a good cry fixes what ales you and these songs have certainly fixed me up before!”

So, without further ado, immerse yourself in Hayley Marsten’s lovingly-curated Spotify playlist, Recreational Cry below.