Hayley Williams confirms more Paramore shows are on the way

Paramore fans can take a sigh of relief because pop-punk princess Hayley Williams has confirmed that the band will be reuniting for more shows.

There was speculation about Paramore’s future following Williams’ breakout solo career and her stating last year that she “didn’t know what was next for the band.”

ParamoreAfter suspicions that the band had hit hard times, Hayley Williams has confirmed that Paramore will be returning, with new shows planned for the future.

Hayley Williams has been apart of Paramore since it began in 2004. Their most recent album, After Laughter, was released in 2017 and fostered in a new sound for the band.

In talks with Entercom about her new album, Petals For ArmorWilliams confirmed that she wouldn’t be incorporating any of the band’s work into her setlist. “That’s very sacred to me and that belongs at a Paramore show. And there will be more Paramore shows. Yes. Confirmed.”

“I think there’s already moments where we find ourselves fantasising about the next Paramore project and we kind of have to stop ourselves because everyone’s so busy working on shit right now,” she continued.

“The love of my life is Paramore. I wouldn’t really know what to do if I did something entirely without them because I don’t think there’s a bigger fan on this earth of them than me,” Williams said about her admiration for bandmates Zac Farro and Taylor York.

Williams highly anticipated solo record is scheduled for release May 2020, with 5 tracks having dropped already. Check them out below.