Enter Hey Geronimo’s bizarre vision of the future with CONTENT

Technology has always sat at the core of Hey Geronimo’s music. Though now, with the release of their new album CONTENT, the Brisbane outfit have really stepped up their technological fascination.

Rather ironically, half-a-dozen of these new tracks were written and performed by an AI guitarist named Alex, and with Alex’s help the band have crafted a bizarre and intriguing new album that confronts the peculiarity of our technological age.

CONTENT, the bizarre and incredibly intriguing new album from Brisbane’s Hey Geronimo, is both an assessment of the present and a warning of the future.

As technological advancements continue to replace humanity in most areas of society, people are becoming increasingly nonchalant about these issues.

“Shouldn’t we all be worried about this shit?” asks guitarist and singer Pete Kilroy.

With this new album’s clever and ironic AI direction, Hey Geronimo have produced an electronic-infused brand of punk-rock that feels like the soundtrack to some strange dystopian future.

With tracks like The Last Public Telephone, Too Human, and Y3K, Hey Geronimo paint an eerie portrait of the future, and a scathing assessment of the present.

On Working For Google, the band imagine a future where we’re all working for Google… a scenario that feels a little unsettling, but perhaps not as unsettling as the band believe it should be.

While CONTENT is full of unnerving prospects, it never fails to be a vibrant and intriguing listen that’ll have you hooked, waiting anxiously to see which direction the album will take you next.

Do yourself a favour and listen to CONTENT above, and catch Hey Geronimo live at any of the following dates:

Friday November 2 – Netherworld, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane (Free Show)
Friday November 16 – 107 Projects, Sydney
Saturday November 17 – Yah Yahs, Melbourne

Grab tickets and info here.