HMO tackles topical issues with style and grace on his debut EP

Heightened Modus Operandi, the debut offering from HMO, is a tasteful collection of tunes questioning the state of the world through poetry and rhyme.

The flow and effortless execution of intelligent verse from HMO soar on a collection of acoustic instrumentation and electronic beats.


HMO delivers a powerful debut characterised by style, political questioning and instrumentation that draws on jazz, gospel and blues.

HMO is a producer and MC from the South Coast of NSW delivering humble expositions on distinct social and political issues. After launching the EP at the 2019 Surflife Music Festival, HMO enlisted Alyce Rose-Mason, Ingrid Hamilton and Jim Jones for vocals, crafting a wonderful blend of unique hip hop arrangements.

HMO has employed a wide array of organic instrumentation on the EP giving it the feeling of a nurtured and carefully crafted set of songs. Indeed it is this fusion of organic and electronic sounds that is a high mark for HMO’s music and is implemented with feeling and soul. With darkly political themes and strong messages of ant-racism, equality and social justice the album dives into the troubled waters of existentialism and questioning humanities role in a dying world.

The EP kicks off with Relax, Everything’s Fine a letter to self from the mind of someone on the verge of sanity. It tackles the difficulty of staying sane in a world riddled with media stimulus and corruption on every level.

Utopia follows up with a divine vocal hook and some off beat reggae chords, it’s an unusual bedrock for hip-hop although this is without a doubt the EP’s strong suit and is again tackled with style. Utopia identifies with the plight of Australia’s First Nation Peoples living in remote communities and urban centres whilst simultaneously addressing the issue of homelessness in the country.

Bliss out to the debut from HMO below:

A definite highlight for the album comes with Jim Jones in Human Erace. The upbeat soulful groove is drenched in blues and Jones’ vocals are absolutely astonishing. The tune continues the EP’s questioning of human flaws and our collective indifference to suffering.

However, despite the heavy topics and political focus, HMO executes it all in a laid back, tasteful way. It never once feels like there is an agenda being crammed down your throat, and the lyrics are witty and insightful. HMO is a truly skilled rapper and we can’t wait to see what he does next. Power to the people!

Catch HMO live at any of the following dates:

August 9th – Stoic Brewing, Gerringong
August 23rd – Laundry Bar, Fitzroy