Melbourne shroom doomers Holy Serpent join forces with Earth Tongue for Aussie shows

Prepare yourself for the sounds of Melbourne’s Holy Serpent as the band join forces with New Zealand’s finest Earth Tongue for a joint tour covering Melbourne, Belgrave and Adelaide.

After eighteen months since the acclaimed Temples, the band have been keeping themselves busy and delivering some killers shows across the east coast, shattering the minds of audiences at Negative Waves and Tanglewood festival, amongst others.

holy serpent

Want to hear Holy Serpent’s new material for the first time ever? Here are four boys ready to poison your soul with their venomous brand of psych rock.

Joining them on the tour is Wellington psych two-piece Earth Tongue. Known for their thick, fuzzy guitar and hallucinatory melodies, these shows are sure to boggle the mind something fierce. The tour will also be Holy Serpent’s first time testing out new material from their upcoming third album

On their relationship with Earth Tongue, Holy Serpent shared:

“When we were in NZ for the Brant Bjork tour we played Wellington. Earth Tongue were one of the local supports… needless to say we were mighty impressed with their sound and style.”

“After the show we got talking and it turns they are really great people too!  They came to Aus and did a few shows late last year, but we were busy at the time and didn’t get to play together… so this time round we are doing a few shows with them while they are here to record their new album. I think stylistically we are somewhat similar, we both have that other worldly, speaking to the aliens type shit going on.”

Holy Serpent are no strangers to touring across the ditch, fondly looking back on the intimacy of those NZ shows.

“I remember in Wellington whoever was operating the smoke machine must have passed out with their finger on the button, because halfway through our set we look out and can barely see anything. The smoke was so thick we couldn’t see the crowd and they probably couldn’t see us. It was pretty awesome.”

New material is also on the cards for Holy Serpent. The group hopes to have a single out by the end of the year.

“We are really happy with what we have so far, definitely the best songs we have written to date… we are just getting much better at songwriting and defining our sound. We can’t wait to record the album but it’s still a while off.”

“We have released two albums thus far and are taking our time a bit more with this one to really make the songs sound the best they can.”


Grab all the details for the upcoming Holy Serpent and Earth Tongue tour below.

May 5 – Bar Open, Melbourne – Details
May 11 – Sooki Lounge, Belgrave – Details
May 12 – The Edinburgh Castle Hotel, Adelaide – Details