Hong Kong Ballet celebrate 40 years with a neon-coloured new video

Ballet has never looked so cutting edge. Neon-clad dancers have taken to the streets of Hong Kong creating some truly remarkable visuals amongst the urban landscapes.

Dressed in neon tights and sports gear, swarms of ballet dancers have displayed traditional techniques in a contemporary urban environment in what is a stunningly unique display of movement. Hong Kong Ballet are one of the premier dance companies in Asia and an internationally recognised institution, primarily focusing on Hong Kong’s unique character as a sprawling metropolis.

Hong Kong Ballet have splashed colour on the monochrome streets of the iconic city, celebrating 40 years of movement and tutus.

Since 1979 Hong Kong Ballet have evolved into a formidable and vibrant organisation that display an expansive repertoire of  19th – 21st Century classical masterpieces, acclaimed contemporary works and newly commissioned pieces.

In 2018 the 40-year-old dance company underwent a massive rebrand courtesy of the Washington, D.C based agency Design Army, breathing new and colourful life into their image. Flaunting a mix of classic tutus alongside contemporary sportswear, the dancers spring across basketball courts and street crossings while grandmas clap, all to the remixed tune of Maurice Ravel’s Bolero.

It’s a gorgeously unique display of talent and a testament to the potentially fruitful confluence of traditional and contemporary art forms. See the video below: