Happy’s Zen Horoscope (7th November - 13th November)

Happy’s Zen Horoscope (7th November – 13th November): A step in the right direction

The 11th of November brings the 2nd Quarter Moon Phase in Aquarius.

Keep paving the way forward by making a few adjustments here or there in a new way.

Chances are some of these changes will stick around for the long term, bringing a new dimension to your routines and practices overall. 


There are a lot of new thoughts and ideas emerging at this time, and although you are excited about the possibilities, you still need some time yet, before you are ready to share them with the world. Take this week to reflect, and gain a little more insight into how you can best bring these ideas to fruition in a way that resonates holistically, with your mind, body, and spirit. 


This is the time to call the direction of whatever it is that you are working on, whether it be around the home, or at the office. Sometimes it is hard to hear yourself clearly when you are working within a team environment, so to help you drive things in the right direction, step up, and realign with the original intent to help to steer things back on track. 


What comes with age? Wisdom baby, wisdom. Any obstacles that come up can be easily removed. Sure things may require a bit more effort, but you’ve got the experience, and the smarts to know exactly what the situation calls for. Mostly stay true to yourself, you know what you can and can’t deliver. So stay aligned with the hard and heavy facts, and you will be fine. 


Experiencing any rifts this week? Feeling a little out of sync with the people in your world, whether it be at home or at the office,  don’t let it drag out. Advice for the week, turn it around pronto, step up, create a safe space for each other to express your feelings. It only takes one conversation to open up the lines of communication and to get things back on track. Just like that, one conversation, that’s it. 


Sometimes it seems like there is no clear cut answer, you know those times where either option is just as valid as the other, which makes choosing virtually impossible, maybe to the point that it causes a lot of unnecessary stress. In moments like these it’s best just to choose, so use your mind and your heart equally, to strive for the option that is in alignment with your higher self. 


Sometimes you need a bit of extra courage to get through things, especially if you have been hit with a bit of fear or anxiety. Life will have its challenges, and there is no point in trying to avoid or deny them. Face the challenge and grow. Like the seed that grows into a beautiful flower, just like that.  You’re the seed, so grow into the beautiful flower that you are meant to be. 


Been busy lately Taurus? Being too busy can stop you from being in the moment, rushing from one thing to the next, barely taking time out for a breather. Before you burn the candle at both ends, take a break, sometimes you just need it, and sometimes it’s actually just as productive as busyness, you’ll see, things will still get done. Don’t get so busy that you forget how to enjoy life.


There is a limit when it comes to money, and how much you need to get by. Don’t let your life become too preoccupied with accumulating wealth that you forget about all of the other things that you also need to have a well-balanced life. Love, sunshine, and happiness. Stop and smell the roses already. Reset your energy. Get back to mother nature, soak in some of her magic, she knows what you need. 


It’s quite apparent that you are working for the long term picture, and the good news is, you are setting yourself up very well for future prosperity and success. In the meantime, don’t forget to enjoy yourself with the people in your life, come out of your shell from time to time, it’s good for you, connect to your neighbours, your community, and the world around you at large. Because we are all the same, we all have the same hopes and dreams and fears, you are not alone in this, we are all connected.


There is a quite well thought-out tone to the week ahead. You may find yourself drawn to exploring things quietly,  and enjoying a bit of alone time, thinking about ‘fun’ and what that means to you. Dancing in your bedroom, watching a movie all on your own, enjoying a good book, immersing yourself in creativity, however you enjoy your own company, go out of your way to make it more fun than usual. 


There is no particular need to go anywhere at this time. The only thing to do is just be you, and feel the fullness of who you are, and feel good about where you are at.  Because this timeframe is all about embracing a bit of stillness in quiet preparation for what comes next. Take this time to centre, and to ground yourself so that you can carry this feeling of being at home within you, wherever you go next. 


Be open, be curious. Trust that what you feel is right for you.  Especially when it comes to starting something new. Others may try to put you off or deter you, but don’t let that stop you, you know what’s right and that’s all that matters. Be ready to leave behind any fear, worry, or anxiety about what may or may not happen, because this is about new experiences, a lot of personal growth, adventure and a heap of fun.