Hurricane Ida remnants lead to devastating flash floods in New York

New York has been slammed by the remnants of Hurricane Ida, as flooding and record rainfall contribute to rising fatalities.

An unexpected bout of flash flooding, tornados and rainfall on America’s east coast have led to mounting calls for emergency rescue.

Almost more than two dozen people have drowned in their homes or cars as the remnants of Hurricane Ida envelop the New York region. The state was warned of the potentially dangerous weather but given the passing of the Hurricane Ida, residents were not prepared for such an intense scenario.

New York flooding Hurricane Ida

Collectively the storm has killed 43 people from Maryland to New York with 12 of those being in New York City itself.

Police have said that 11 of the 12 were drowned in flooded basement apartments while the other was in their car. New Jersey has reported 8 deaths, while Montgomery County of Pennsylvania accounts for 3, including an individual killed by a falling tree.

New York residents, who were lucky enough to escape the tragedy, have equated the devastating floods to something out of a Hollywood movie.

Sophy Liu, of New York City was left with no choice but to put her son in a lifejacket and pool float amid the flooding of their first floor Queens apartment. She then called friends who had to collectively open the apartment door to relieve the 1.5m high water force.

“I was obviously scared, but I had to be strong for my son. I had to calm him down,”

Another dwelling in Queens did not have the same luck. Resident Deborah Torres alerted her neighbours below as water rapidly flooded her apartment. She desperately urged the others to “get out“. Unfortunately, it is assumed the door could not be opened and the three residents subsequently died.

Flooding and weather such as this is not uncommon following an extreme hurricane. However, experts have spoken out saying that this scenario would have been slightly exacerbated by climate change.

Warmer air holds more rain meaning more intense rainfall, simply reiterating the timely threat of the environmental crisis.

Democrat De Blasio, says the forecast on Wednesday predicted 7.5cm-15cm of total rainfall across the entire course of the day. Blowing this prediction out of the water, Central Park recorded 8cm of rain within an hour before escalating to 23cm across the state.

Highways were flooded, garbage-riddled water filled the streets and subway tunnels turned into water cascades. Trains were trapped underground forcing riders to stand on their seats avoiding the rising water.

We hope things improve soon for those on America’s east coast.