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Immerse yourself in the other-worldly new single from Sydney’s Cap Carter

Born in Manila and raised in Sydney’s western suburbs, Cap Carter is a singer-songwriter and musician whose raw, emotive vocals and vulnerable lyrics have garnered him attention both at home and overseas.

It was in a year succeeding the break-up of his band, the loss of a friend and turbulence surrounding his mental health that saw Carter turn is energy into solo endeavours. But as some say, the most impeccable art is born from the toughest times, which is no doubt the case on Thrill.

Cap Carter frames emotional turbulence and the ups-and-downs of love and loss through a fusion R&B and indie rock in his new single Thrill. 

Cap Carter travelled to the UK in the August of 2018 to record with Macklemore producer, iSaintJames. The two had bonded over Instagram over their mutual struggles with the up and downs of life and a sense of urgency to keep music alive.

The pair’s chemistry was unparalleled, and it wasn’t too long after that Cap Carter had a five-track EP sitting under his belt. Recorded in a shed in rural Hertfordshire, Cap Carter’s newest single Thrill offers solace to those dealing with love and loss and gives hope to the heartbroken.

“I was by myself for a long time that year. Locked myself up internally and tried to figure out what the hell was going on with life. I was angry, frustrated and tired about getting nowhere as a musician and as a person.”

“So I did what anyone else would do, I wrote. Lost count of the bottles and I screamed every word till I felt like my soul was healing. That is what my music is – a soul cleanse. A plea for some sort of tourniquet to stop the bleeding.”  

The clip for Thrill is framed in what could only be the Australian outback, a place as harsh and empty as heartbreak. Sweeping drone shots intertwine with Carter’s powerful verses as the song builds, a crescendo of feeling that will absolutely sweep you away.

With a start this solid, Cap Carter promises plenty of exciting new releases in 2019. Watch this space.


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February 14, 2019

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