Infinite Tiger soundtrack the end times on 'L'Exposer'

Infinite Tiger soundtrack the end times on ‘L’Exposer’

The world, it seems, is ending. The climate crisis has hit our planet like a semi-trailer, COVID-19 has ravaged a significant percentage of our population, and humans are doing fuck-knows-what to address these problems, hence our final days are likely upon us. Nevertheless, we all continue working towards some vague future — a future that probably doesn’t exist. The impending armageddon has reduced our lives to some kind of absurd dance, and Sydney outfit Infinite Tiger are soundtracking this bizarre situation.

On their debut album L’Exposer (produced by Darren Seltmann of The Avalanches), the group present a chaotic but endlessly fun collection of tunes; perfect for dancing your way towards the apocalypse.

On their debut album L’Exposer, Sydney outfit Infinite Tiger deliver a wild collage of sounds. It’s the perfect soundtrack for our bizarre current situation.

The two spoken word samples that frame the album perfectly capture the laid-back nihilistic charm of the record. We begin with a Southern American accent warning us not to “go against the will of God” and to “repent”. This call is answered in the album’s final moments with the line “I’m sorry, man”. But before we get to this final point of repentance, a world of tumult and turbulence flashes and crumbles before our eyes.

Really Home is a Beck-style bop that’ll lock you into a thumping groove, before throwing an endless range of discordant sounds at you. The track feels like a house party that could go dangerously wrong at any moment; the mayhem makes it fun.

On Strung Out, melodies and hooks rise cautiously from a bed of pandemonium. The track is boundless and glitchy; sweeping synth lines soar before getting snagged on jagged rhythms.

Nous features the best sample of the record, with the repeated line “I just shit myself”, and Piss On Yr Grave is exotic and twisted, all while saying “fuck Trump”. By the time Infinite Tiger casually repent for all this sin with their final line, you’ll have been roped in completely by their brilliantly disorderly sound.

Do yourself a favour and dive into the album above.