Introducing Baby Beef, the Sydney trio blending karaoke and synchronised dance

Sydney trio Baby Beef know exactly how to draw a crowd. Their performance is almost humorous; in a time when importance is often placed on professionalism, it’s refreshing to see musicians onstage not taking themselves too seriously. Baby Beef have made a name for themselves as one of Sydney’s most exciting new acts; the trio is conscious, but not overly so, of their new-found stardom and how their act is something that is perhaps just as important as their music.

“I think bands can only ever stand out through lack of fear, eagerness to express themselves for themselves first and foremost. All three of us also understand our responsibility as performers to give to our audiences what they deserve, which is an exaggeration of ourselves, however vulnerable or confident that may be, throughout various points of our show.”

Photo: Tim Baker

With performances that are best seen to be believed and a musical style that happens to transcend categorisation, Sydney are happily welcoming Baby Beef to the stage.

Having known each other for a portion of their adult lives, the trio decided it was time to start making music together only recently. The band’s first single Just Relax 2018 was released only last year, with singles Better Yet and Chicken or the Goose following closely after.

It was an epiphany that drew frontman Baby Beef (for whom the band is named after) to begin recording music with other people.

“I  have been writing songs for most of my teenage and adult life but it wasn’t until last year that I felt like I had something to say. That realisation was all I the motivation I needed, so I called my estranged brother Mr Christian Values because I was confident that he could help me say it. Failing that, he makes great blended cocktails so I needed him around.”

“Our dear mother, Mumma Beef caught wind that Christian and I had reconciled in the name of self-expression and saw dollar signs so she demanded a slice of the pie. Luckily for her, she was a perfect fit so now we work as a team. We love each other and we are using our collective voice for good.”

Baby Beef’s creativity transcends their stage performance. Their songs are original and genre-defying, and their clips are ambitious and hyper-imaginative. The band thrive in a visual sense; whilst the trio are incredible musicians releasing songs that have been given extra time on local and national airwaves, when their music is put to visual it ascends to higher levels.

The trio spends a lot of time crafting the perfect clips to accompany their releases, with many of their ideas coming from dreams.

“We usually dream the most wild and wonderful things we can imagine without taking into consideration our budget or resources. Then we share our dreams with our dear friend and videographer Phoebe.”

“Phoebe whittles away what we can’t possibly achieve from said dreams and whatever we are left with we just go for. Most of our concepts really come to life on the day of filming through experimentation and flexibility of the performance. Solid plans are boring.”

Baby Beef’s live performances are something that can only be seen to be believed. Their style incorporates karaoke sleaze and synchronised dancing. They’re always head-to-toe in outfits that look like they belong in magazines. Baby Beef never fail to disappoint. Lucky for fans, both new and old, the band are playing a handful of shows in the coming month.

“On the 14th of February, we are playing at Freda’s. It’s a charity event, with 100% of door sales going to Friends with Dignity, an organisation helping victims of domestic violence across Australia.”

“On Saturday 23rd of Feb we are playing at our absolute favourite place in the world, a festival very close to our hearts. The lineup hasn’t been announced yet so, for now, we have to keep it… ‘secret.’ Woah, I said too much!”

“Before Bad Friday we will be releasing new music and playing headline shows in support of that very music. Details soon.”


Catch Baby Beef live:

Thu 14 Feb – Freda’s, Sydney – Details
Fri 19 Apr – Bad Friday Festival, Sydney – Tickets