Introducing Bexy, New Zealand’s newest indie-pop jewel

It’s not often that an up-and-coming artist from our dear Oceania makes an international impression so quickly, but New Zealand’s BEXY is doing just that.

Harnessing luscious, cascading vocals paired with an all-consuming sound, with a number of soft indie tracks and infectious hits-in-the-making, BEXY has painted herself as a fast-moving contender for the forefront of New Zealand’s indie pop scene and beyond. 


Honest lyricism tinged with nostalgia: meet BEXY, crafting an irresistible indie-pop sound fit for a global audience. 

Previous releases from BEXY include dance-worthy pop tracks such as Love Like The Movies and Stay Away. However it’s when she takes things down a notch, with a more laid-back acoustic sound, that the artist’s talents truly shine. Take Me Back is her latest release and certainly one of her strongest.

The stunning vocals of this track are totally hypnotic, packed with glistening harmonies, painting a vivid picture of a life that once was and the sense of melancholy that washes over us when we look back in time. 

The variation between each of her releases demonstrates a robust musical skillset. BEXY takes inspiration from the past to create a contemporary sonic vision which tips its hat to a diverse number of influences. This, paired with her unique visual aesthetic – sentimentally lo-fi and often tinged baby pink – makes her music even more gripping.

Despite only having five released singles under her belt, BEXY has already attracted a loyal following, with a huge portion of fans being Australian. Here’s hoping that this incredible young artist will be blessing our shores soon. For now, though, soak in all the goodness of BEXY and her astounding new single Take Me Back.


Take Me Back is out now.