Introducing Davey Lane

Is it just me or does the mere mention of the name Davey Lane conjure up images of a high-school crush you would have had if you had grown up in America in the 60s? There’s no denying the loveliness of Davey Lane, the Australian musical maestro who definitely did not grow up in the 60s. Or America. Crush aside, you are bound to know Davey Lane as the guitarist in You Am I or maybe as part of the The Pictures. You certainly would of heard him as a member of rock super group The Wrights with their massive cover of ‘Evie.’ The bottom line is Lane is more than a little bit good at being awesome at music.

davey lane artist

And now you need to know Davey Lane as… Davey Lane*. At the beginning of the year he released some solo material and the first thing you’ll notice is that it’s a massive departure from his previous work in some of Australia’s greatest bands. In September, Lane released his debut EP ‘The Good Borne of Bad Tymes’ and it’s basically five songs or musical treats for the ears as they should be known as. It’s different but good different. The EP is like a buffet of genres mixing retro rock stylings with synths and a dream-pop like aesthetic – essentially something for everyone. Just like a buffet. A really good buffet.

The EP / buffet takes us to all sorts of places. At times it’s a solid rock / pop song that’s excellently arranged like “You’re the Cops, I’m the Crime.” Then it’s quite a lot more electronic and even a little cosmic like on “Comfortably Dumb.” At other times you’re completely hypnotised with electro and chip tune notions that sucks you into Davey Lane world like “You Got Me on Side.” At eight minutes long it’s really like a long weekend in Davey Lane land.

Lane’s been touring around the east coast recently, delighting folk everywhere with his undeniably new and addictive sound. And with two new EP’s due for release next year, the buffet ain’t gonna stop anytime soon.

*Editorial: Sure you’ve said his name enough?



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