Introducing HTML Flowers

Meet Grant Gronewold, aka HTML Flowers. He’s 24, lives in Melbourne, and is a visual artist and tattooist who has recently delved into the musical side of art. He creates electronic, glitchy computer beats and raps over the top of them in a distinctly non traditional way, and the final result is fucking cool. You might have heard his skills featured on Collarbones‘ single Die Young, or via Butcher Blades‘ remix of Weed and Pizza, or on Brothers Hand Mirror‘s We Don’t Hide, which has been on rotation on FBi recently. Or not at all. His sound manages to be totally original while remaining untainted and completely unselfconscious.

grant gronewold HTML flowers

My father died very estranged from his entire family, so much so that we didn’t find out until nine months after, when we were Googling his name.. Anyways, the day I found out I went to the website of the obituary, and while I was in a really sensitive zone the internet asked me if I would like to dedicate some virtual symbolic flowers or light a virtual candle in honour of his passing. I picked that name to remind myself of how distant and alienated he was from any kind of reciprocal love, simply because he couldn’t handle it – he was too selfish, too scared. This way, the name will always follow me and I will always be reminded of the challenge of love and the reward of being intimate and honest with the world – via The Meander Journal

HTML Flowers originally came to be known publicly via his Tumblr, which attracted quite a following from those who couldn’t get enough of Gronewold’s poetic, unpretentious and honest outpourings of his art – his beautiful illustrations, tattoo designs and his lamentations of life’s musings. He suffers from cystic fibrosis, and doesn’t shy away from writing about his condition with equal parts vulnerability and strength. His generous twenty track album, Melting Ceramic Swans and Slow Motioned Ponies, is available for free download via his Bandcamp. What a legend.