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Give yourself to the irresistibly slick sounds of LA Women

Where the heck did LA Women come from? With only one EP under their collective belt, the New Zealand trio have already amassed millions of Spotify streams and a strong international following with their slick sounds.

It all feels so sudden. Though for the past number of years, the band have been building their sound, releasing a string of consistently great singles that have gone on to make up their recently released EP I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors.

If you’re not already across the irresistibly slick sounds of New Zealand trio LA Women, we strongly recommend you change that right now.

Across the new EP, the band glide through a hallucinatory concoction of moody pop, R&B, and hip-hop to deliver a shimmering sounds that’s not quite like anything else making the rounds.

Their songs feel simultaneously intimate and sprawling. Entering into one of their spacious soundscapes is like entering into some mini-universe where each feature has been carefully designed by LA Women.

Made up of cousins Jake Schdroski and Zac Emerson, and school friend Jesse Brown, the three-piece ooze out an effortlessly hypnotic blend of sounds that we guarantee you’ll quickly become addicted to.

So while it may still be early days for this Kiwi group, we’re expecting plenty more great tunes. We strongly recommend you keep an eye on LA Women.

Do yourself a favour and listen to I was admiring her through a series of precision cut mirrors above.



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September 18, 2018