Introducing: Marian Hill

Marian Hill (noun). A two person pop electronica power house.

Bubble gum sweetness meets R&B cool to produce a sound that is so fresh and so so clean*. This Philadelphia based duo met in primary school when producer and songwriter, Jeremy Lloyd, heard songwriter and singer, Samantha Gongol, singing at a talent show. Joining forces after Lloyd spent time studying music composition and Gongol experienced life on the wild side as a songwriter in New York, Marian Hill was born.

Marian Hill

Slick production, sultry vocals and an undeniable sense of style. The duo behind Marian Hill bring out the best in soul, R&B, jazz and electronica.

The long term partnership this duo shares is evident through the seamless way in which their music fuses their shared talents. Gongol’s clean yet soulful voice is beautifully complimented by Lloyd’s slick and fresh production. Citing a range of influences from Ella Fitzgerlad to Kanye West the sounds of R&B, soul, jazz and electronica are all easily identifiable in the fresh sounds that Marian Hill are producing. It all started with their first song Whisky, which Lloyd emailed to 60 blogs and from there, in a recent interview with Philadelphia Weekly, Lloyd explains “Stuff just started happening”. Whisky appeared on their debut EP Play that was released last April, more recently however their singles Lips and Got It are making waves online.

Lips initially mixes light synthesized production with the sultry yet pure voice of Gongol before dropping an after hours R&B rhythm and adding a catchy base line that compliments the fresh pop lyrics. This track creates its own gentle peaks and troughs coaxing you into Marian Hill’s world of interesting yet uncomplicated composition that is masterfully produced and lacking in trite. Got It is my personal favourite, combining sensual lyrics with provocative electronic synths and funky saxophone. Gongol slips between octaves seamlessly rubbing her sultry, clear signature sound on each note whilst Lloyd creates a funky R&B sound that layers so much flavor you’ll think you just fell into a musical parfait, and like Donkey says, “Everybody likes parfait”.

As music is becoming increasingly produced and musicality seems to be at risk of blending into a sea of synthesized backbeats Marian Hill have perfected the balance. There is an authenticity in their music that shows an appreciation for and knowledge of how each instrument whether it be manufactured or not, contributes to the creation of a song. The paradoxes that exist within this duo’s sound, the clean yet sultry voice of Gongol, the manufactured yet natural sounds of Lloyd’s production, are what makes them such welcome newcomers in the music scene.

This duo have remained silent on the record deal front, admitting that they are in talks with a number of different labels but until something is confirmed you will have to love on their music via their SoundCloud or crush on them through their Facebook page.

*Ed. Did you mean so fresh and so clean clean?



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