Introducing: Outside The Academy

Fizzling, crackling, and permeating with a raw, sensual energy- the very first time I listened to Outside The Academy I’m pretty sure my pupils dilated. Sliding through the music scene like smooth satin, Outside The Academy’s self classified experimental artist Pawel Cholewa is burning a unique trail with the snappy, melodious and hazy sound this soloist is producing.

outside the academy

Outside The Academy is about sustaining moments of suspense and euphoria. The echoey mix of rock/electronica embodies heavy breathing and minds expanding.

With his voice set on relay to a sizzling audio tune and snare beat combined with a magnetic bass, the music this Melbourne born artist brings into being is that good quality stuff, yo. With only one self entitled EP to back him up, it’s no wonder this artist has already forged a name for himself. The EP was released roughly a month ago and features the songs Jiving, Rebel (Revels), Alliances, No Company, and Vested Time.

Slick with electric sounds oozing with synthetic crackles about his desolate voice, half the songs in this EP instantly melted me (Alliances, Rebels, and Monsoon featuring Malozoon, all really got me. They got me good).

But not all the songs were electricity, with the other half of the EP quite relaxed and atmospheric. Mostly this flaunted the control Outside The Academy possesses as an artist, but overall this contrasted a bit too heavily with the first half of the EP, coming on a bit too strong in comparison.

One of his more at ease songs, No Company, is a good example of this. Personally, I didn’t quite enjoy it. The echo relay Outside The Academy had on this track was quite plain, and to me didn’t add much to the sound of the song. But that being said, it’s not like it was without purpose – No Company had direction, I just feel it was just slow in getting to the point. It also lacked that sexy, crackling electric synthetics that had gained 110% of my attention at the beginning of the EP. But regardless, Outside The Academy has proven himself as a developed artist, capable of various different sound formats and styles for his audience to either wade contemplatively through or delightfully get lost and drown in.

Monsoon (feat. Malozan) was maybe the midway point between the two extreme styles that Outside The Academy had established in his EP. With a relaxed and moody introduction, the song suddenly turns on its head halfway through and all of a sudden Pawel Chowela is laying down the law. Addictive and absolutely bristling with that electric relay that we’ve come to love about him, Pawel is on point in this song. Add in a dash of Malozan’s smooth voice cooing off at the outro and this song will leave you with nothing but chills.

Most of the time Outside The Academy plays at various gigs and shows around Australia. Pawel’s also recently played at a few festivals, including The Village Festival and OMFEST alongside Billy The Mountain, The Irregulars, and Sarah Lewis to name only a few. There are major plans in the works, with Outside The Academy currently prepping for big American East Coast shows which end back in his hometown Australia for the last leg of his tour in December.

Thursday December 4 –  Rics Bar, Fortitude Valley
Friday December 5 – The Loft Chevron Island, Surfers Paradise
Saturday December 6 –  Nimbin Hotel, Nimbin
Tuesday December 9 –  Rics Bar, Fortitude Valley
Saturday  December 13 – Treehouse On Belongil, Byron Bay
Wednesday December 17 – The Great Northern Hotel, Newcastle, New South Wales
Friday December 19 – Easy Tiger, Sydney (with Brother Colluder and Munro Melano)

Sunday December 28 – Grace Darling Hotel, Melbourne (with Pensive Penguin and Nonagon)



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