Introducing the razor sharp indie rock of Fripps & Fripps

Raining sweet melodies from their home in South Sydney are Fripps & Fripps, four lads with an obvious talent for top-tier, surf-tinged indie rock.

They’ve been at it since 2015, nowadays counting a few singles, a debut EP named Feeler On The Roof, and a truckload of streams to their name. A quick listen will tell you why; much like their namesake Fripps & Fripps are razor sharp, and they’re sure prick your attention from across the room.

fripps & Fripps
Photo: Fripps & Fripps on Facebook

Introducing Cronulla four-piece Fripps & Fripps, the band releasing some of Sydney’s most immaculate indie bangers.

From their debut single Get Your End Wet to more recent releases, a Fripps & Fripps track sounds coastal, air-tight, and quick-witted, as if the seaside The Kooks took a trip to was in Cronulla instead of Brighton.

As per the band themselves, Fripps are about the good life, and keeping their audience on its toes.

“Fripps is all about not taking yourself too seriously and just having a good fucking time really… we are super lucky to be doing this and yeah, just looking to make music that has some diversity and its own quirk to it.”

“I think something we’ve always strived for is keeping the themes and the flow fresh and changing so there’s something for everyone in each batch of songs we release.”

As of late Fripps & Fripps have actually been far from home, repping Sydney at the esteemed SXSW showcase. Safe to say, the whole ordeal exceeded their expectations.

“Austin’s amazing! It’s such a great feeling to have been invited to an event like this. We weren’t really sure what to expect with an event like this, and it’s completely exceeded our expectations. The whole city is pumping with live music and art.”

“Being able to be in Austin for SXSW with all these amazing and talented artists is such a privilege.”

In a short-sighted attempt to guess the origin of their name, I had asked the band if Robert Fripp, King Crimson guitarist and compatriot to David Bowie and Brian Eno, was involved.

I was glad to be wrong.

“Hahaha, nah there’s no connection there. We get asked this question all the time and we’re still trying to figure out an appropriate answer ourselves really.”

“To keep it simple ‘fripps’ is just a crude abbreviation of ‘frozen nipples’. Fripps & Fripps was a silly name we came up with in high school and we just decided to run with it. Looking back now it’s really dumb, but we still love it.”

Fripp and nips aside, the tunes being put out by this crew are something else. And if you’re hungry for more, chances are you won’t have to wait long.

“Our second EP is finished! We’re just working out some marketing strategies and waiting for the right time to drop it. This EP is definitely a big step up from the last one.”

“We’ve amped up the production, the grit, the mojo, and the songwriting by 200%. It’s different enough to draw in new fans but also close to home for any of our existing fans, so we’re really eager to hear what people think of it.”


Fripps & Fripps play Waywards in Newtown on Friday March 22nd. The event is sold out, but you’re welcome to try your luck here.