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Introducing Twin Caverns

twin caverns

If your ears are aching for the sound of looming reverb guitars, strongly backed in a solid RnB beat that you can’t help but awkwardly slow dance to, head hung down and arms waving about –much like the sounds of Chet Faker or James Blake – then Twin Caverns are here to help. The Sydney duo, Louise Millar and Michael Macias met through mutual muso/arty friends and teamed up. Since then, they’ve been making music and gigging around Sydney town. If their music was a child, it would not be a loud excitable kid that runs around and is always in your face, it’d be the kid that takes the backseat, chills out, if to say “yeah sure whatever man”. Cool and suave.

twin caverns

Their track Undiscover represents the band’s sound well by providing a strong groove, but keeping easy with modest riffs and a smooth organ. Louise’s voice is carefully arranged and brings buoyancy to the song – particularly when the vocals rise into echoes.

Twin Caverns do an interesting cover of Bon Iver’s Hinnom TX. It manages to keep that same emotional intensity of the original while bringing something soulful and new. Their experimentation with rhythm and arrangement shows their true colours. While the original keeps a certain level of anticipation or tension going throughout the whole track, Twin Caverns’ cover manages to bring us to a level of comfort through the introduction of the beat. At times the song moves from a solid groove then soars into free space – back and forth – this technique can be heard in their other tracks, too.

Keep an eye out for their gigs in Sydney. These two are really, really good.



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February 13, 2014