Iron & Wine – Ghost on Ghost

Another album for the pile of mixed reviews. Quietus is in love, PMA is on the fence and Ghost on Ghost only gained a 6.1/10 rating on Pitchfork.

Iron & Wine

Gather round and get intimate and cosy with Iron & Wine this winter. Sam’s vocals and guitar are all that you will ever need to feel completely mesmerised.

I think Sam Beam (aka. Iron & Wine) said it best:

“I was doing what I thought my voice could do. Now I’m trying to do different things. At the same time I’m learning the limitations of my voice. It’s almost like syrup in the mix…People ask me if I’m worried about changing too much. I never feel that way. I feel to a certain extent, and maybe it’s blind naïve courage, my voice tends to tie things together.” NY Times

All in all, the fifth studio album from Iron & Wine hasn’t exactly lived up to expectations, but there are some solid tracks. Ghost on Ghost feels like it’s teetering on a precipice, as if Beam know where he needs to go with his music but he doesn’t quite have the courage to move away from the tried and true. If Beam gets the courage to jump off into the unknown for the next album then it has the potential to be amazing.

Iron & Wine is currently touring the USA and Europe, no word on whether he’ll be down under in 2013.