It looks like Woodstock 50 could be back on

It looks like Woodstock 50 could be back on

New investor backing for Woodstock 50 may ensure the anniversary celebration of the original 1969 event proceeds on foot, despite a number of setbacks that have compromised the potential for the show to continue.

American Investment Bank Oppenheimer & Co have come onto the set as new financiers. John Tonelli, Head of Debt Capital Markets & Syndication has announced in a statement, “We believe in Woodstock as an important American cultural icon and look forward to its regeneration in the green fields of Watkins Glen this August with all of the artists on the remarkable lineup“.

Woodstock 50

Words cannot express how appreciative Woodstock 50, the artists, the fans and the community are to Oppenheimer for joining with us to make W50 a reality“.

Michael Lang, co-founder of the original Woodstock, and leader of the Woodstock 50 initiative has expressed his gratitude for the last-minute financial support.

Though Oppenheimer provides the necessary support for Woodstock, there are still a number of issues to address if there is any hope of this festival proceeding.

Mass gathering permits (namely from the New York State Department of Health), capacity limitations, and an accidental line-up leak, are just some of the considerations that need to be resolved before tickets can even go on sale. Lang has promised listeners that a new ticket on-sale date would be announced soon.

Time is running short, and we will soon find out whether the reality of W50 will come to fruition.