It’s Freaky Friday! A ‘ghostly’ lunar eclipse is set to enthral Australia tonight

A partial lunar eclipse will take over the Aussie night sky this evening, changing the moon and potentially sending us all a bit crazy.

One month post-Halloween and we are receiving a belated treat (not trick) from a natural phenomenon.

As the sun sets tonight feast your eyes on the horizon and you might just catch a glimpse of what is the longest partial eclipse since the 15th century.

Lunar eclipse
Source- Space.com

The action will start before the Moon rises over Australia, so we will only be able to see a partial eclipse.

Astronomer Ian Musgrave assures us that what we will see is going to be “a very nice twilight eclipse,” with the moon appearing “ghostly.”

As fascinating as the natural occurrence will be, remember to buckle up for some crazy behaviour often associated with eclipses.

The increase in night luminance is said to throw animal behaviour out of whack and has prompted a number of scientific studies.

Barnacle geese responded to lunar eclipses with an increased temperature and heart rate, while other nocturnal creatures reduced their foraging activities.

Ok…but we are not geese, so how will it affect humans??

Many folklores have been derived from the natural changes of the moon, just think of our good mates Jacob and Edward from the Twilight saga.

In fact, the correlation is so strong, the word lunatic is derived from the Latin word ‘lunaticus’, meaning ‘of the moon.’

Unpredictable changes in birth rate, fertility, epilepsy and mood have also been heavily reported throughout times of eclipse, however, studies are yet to deem these changes fact.

Some people believe its force to be so strong that it is capable of enhancing personal growth and honing magical skills.

So Australia, whip out your crystals, lock up your werewolves and stay calm… tonight could see us all go a little bit loony.