It’s time to open your mind and step inside the Pseudo Mind Hive

Pseudo Mind Hive isn’t just the best band name you’ve heard in ages, they’re the best band you’ve heard in ages. Having supported psych heavy-weights like Earthless, 100 Mods and Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, these Melbournites have spent the past number of years gigging up a cyclonic storm throughout Victoria and along the east coast.

Since the release of their first LP From Elsewhere, PMH have garnered an international cult following and it’s not hard to see why. Ever aptly titled, there’s a transcendental experience that’s summoned whilst listening to this album. It’s the kind of concept record you want to own on vinyl. It’s cover art a portal of what’s to come.

With their kaleidoscopic melting pot of psych-rock sounds, Melbourne band Pseudo Mind Hive craft the kind of music that washes over you wholly.

Pulsating and progressively facing, if you don’t take drugs this album might make you want to try some. And if you do, strap in. The percussion is relentless, the guitars are on fire. PHM create the kind of fuzzed-out frenzy that you can just as happily sink into with headphones on in the bath, or headbang to, covered in beer at your local.

The elements of the perfect stoner-rock recipe are all there: thunderous and brooding bass lines, soaring solos, and distant, harrowing vocals. Yet it’s all these ingredients reverberating together, slapping and sliding into each other and washing over you like a wall of kaleidoscopic sound, that really gives you that melting pot of psychedelia soup.

With the recent introduction of organ and synthesizers, you can only imagine that album #2 will bring about more magnetizing madness. This prophesized follow-up is due out sometime later this year.

In the meantime, if you’re in Sydney, get down to Newtown tonight and see them at the tail end of their tour. They’re supporting Psychobabel, alongside Happy favourites Eagle Eye Jones. More info here.