Jack Colwell Performs ‘Weak’ Live at Enmore


On the power of intense live performances, sublime songcraft and unflinching honesty, Jack Colwell continues to forge a presence as one of Australia’s most exciting singer-songwriters. He visited the Live at Enmore studios to deliver an incredible performance of his song, Weak.

Flying solo for this particular session, it was just the man himself, accompanied by piano. Make no mistake though: the dynamic shifts, the light and shade, the fragility and power were all still there. 

Possessing a unique ear for pop melody and sensitivity for narrative, Colwell’s style is as memorable as it is irrepressible. 

Weak was Mixed and Recorded by Owen Penglis and Radi Safi

Despite its sombre tone, Weak is full of life. Its brooding verses are juxtaposed against angular and dynamic choruses, serving to take the emotional intensity of the track to new heights. 

Here’s what Colwell had to say about Weak: 

“Weak is about a relationship that I had with someone who was in the closet…the situation was killing both of us at the time. It’s a song that I really love and I think it has a nice, late-night, piano bar feel.

Check out the performance below:

Weak appears on Jack Colwell’s critically acclaimed new album, SWANDREAM. To stream it, head it over to Spotify.