Jay Something makes deep impressions with debut single ‘Sneeze Blonde’

Adelaide native Jay Something has just released his debut single Sneeze Blonde, and he’s inviting you to dig in. 

Sneeze Blonde carries the aesthetic of a dewy lo-fi bedroom recording, with its unapologetic imperfection only adding to its charm, painting Jay Something as a songwriter with mammoth potential. 

Jay Something

After a few years of trial and error, both in life and in the music world, Jay Something has released his debut single Sneeze Blonde and it is a track that you are going to want to hear. 

There’s something far-reaching about the way Jay Something has combined a simple folk sound with an entanglement of intricate lyrics. In a statement about his debut, Jay Something shed some light on his unconventional lyricism: 

“Sneeze Blonde is a mess of disconnected metaphors ranging from your typical train ride fantasies to the moody missed calls of a complacent mind. It’s coarse, it’s unapologetic and it’s all wrapped up in the wonky aesthetics of a bedroom recording so bare the sounds of suburbia bleed right through. I wrote it because… because, what else is there to do?”

Jay is right when he says his track is coarse, especially vocally. While these imperfect vocals are typical in contemporary garage rock, where distorted guitars and punchy percussion drown out any vocal blemishes, Jay Something leaves his vocals raw and exposed against the backbone of simple acoustic guitar. As a result, it seems as though Jay is able to conjure up a profound sense of emotion which could not be achieved if the track which recorded and produced with flawlessness in mind. 

While Jay Something has been writing songs for almost five years, it has taken him a while to release his first track. Now that he has, it is clear that listeners will soon want another taste. Never fear, because the young talent has already promised more on the way in the not too distant future. For now, though, listen to Sneeze Blonde below.