Jessica Leigh Shares Her Ultimate Playlist of Pop Girl Perfection

A breakdown of some of the best girl-pop anthems of all time.

Embark on a radiant journey through time and emotion with Jessica Leigh’s latest gem, “GIRLFRIENDS,” a resounding celebration of feminine camaraderie.

Channeling the allure of vibrant, glitter-soaked power-pop, Leigh’s song unfurls a dream pop sanctuary, where the yearning for belonging blooms against an ’80s-infused backdrop.

Jessica Leigh

It’s an exultant tribute to the sacred sisterhood shared in the girls’ bathroom – a realm free from judgment and suffused with luminous connections.

With glistening layers of instrumentation, the track merges nostalgic ’80s sentiments with modern precision, curating a vivid tapestry of sound. Leigh’s vocal prowess exudes candid warmth, inviting us into an intimate sphere of genuine connection.

As a prodigious artist who ventured into music at 11, Jessica Leigh’s pop mastery thrives on 80s synths, mellifluous guitars, and anthemic drums, painting vivid portraits of youthful ardor and growth.

In honour of New Zealand’s emerging pop princess, Jessica Leigh, and her anthem “GIRLFRIENDS,” we delve into her cherished ‘pop girl’ anthems. From homegrown superstars Blusher, to world-class acts like Taylor Swift and Charli XCX, this playlist has everything you need to build a comprehensive understanding of what makes girl-pop POP.

These tracks echo the essence of Leigh’s sonic realm – a celebration of unfiltered friendship, artistry, and unwavering connection. So let’s jump into it!


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Boom Clap – Charli XCX

Not much needs to be said about this one, it’s such an integral classic to the Pop Girl Bible! Charli has really done so much to pave the way for women in pop music with her experimental hyper-pop production – she’s a huge inspiration for me.

Dead End – Blusher

I was lucky enough to see Blusher open for Aurora in Auckland this year, and it was the best live set I’ve seen in a long time. My jaw was on the floor the whole time – these girls really have it going on. Their music, their choreography and their joy are just so infectious!

New Romantics – Taylor Swift

SEROTONIN STRAIGHT TO THE BLOODSTREAM. New Romantics walked so GIRLFRIENDS could run – the OG city girls’ anthem 🤩 Perfect for blasting on night drives into the city!

Red Wine Supernova – Chappell Roan

This song makes me so excited about music, it’s so fun and joyful and queer – I absolutely adore it!

That’s My Man – Miss Benny

This is one of my favourite pop songs of all time! The melodies are sooo beautiful and catchy, it’s an instant classic for me!

Primadonna – Marina

Along with Boom Clap, this song is right up there in the Pop Girl Bible classics. The synths, the attitude, the melodies – it’s perfect.

Stayaway – MUNA

I have never violently sobbed and danced so hard to a song before this one. This may be my favourite pop song of all time – the lyrics in the verses are SO clever and heartbreaking, the chorus slaps and the bridge kills a little part of my soul every time I listen to it.

Love You Like That – Dagny

A stellar example of how euphoric pop music can be, this song never fails to lift my spirits and make me want to dance! Head out the car window screaming type beat!!

Gimme What I Want – Miley Cyrus

This song was a big inspiration for GIRLFRIENDS. I love the grunginess, the sexiness and the empowerment of it. 10/10.

Check out the playlist, and GIRLFRIENDS below: