Biden administration will spend first days in office reversing Trump’s damaging policies

Biden administration will spend first days in office reversing Trump’s damaging policies

Joe Biden plans to reverse the damage done by Trump on policies involving climate change, the Iran nuclear deal, COVID-19, and more.

With his inauguration just around the corner (January 20), Biden’s first course of action will be to fast-track an immigration bill and a COVID stimulus and relief package to Congress.

He also plans to redirect the US in accordance with the Paris Climate Accords and the Iran nuclear deal, overturn Trump’s travel ban against some Muslim-majority countries, and institute a compulsory mask mandate for those on federal property.

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“While the policy objectives in these executive actions are bold, I want to be clear: the legal theory behind them is well-founded and represents a restoration of an appropriate, constitutional role for the president,” incoming White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said of the planned reversals.

This announcement comes just days before the end of Trump’s presidency and days after he became the first president in history to be impeached twice by the House of Representatives. The business tycoon and former Miss Universe owner will leave behind a cratering economy, the highest death toll of any country during the pandemic, and a reputation for inciting domestic terrorism.

“These actions will change the course of Covid-19, combat climate change, promote racial equity and support other underserved communities, and rebuild our economy in ways that strengthen the backbone of this country: the working men and women who built our nation,” Klain added.

Despite this slew of executive orders set for Inauguration Day, there has been no word of restoring America’s relationship with the World Health Organisation – a promise that Biden said would occur on his first day in office.