John Frusciante announces new electronic album drop in 2023

John Frusciante is launching a new electronic album in 2023, marking his return to the genre after over a year of “recording rock music.”

John Frusciante, guitarist for Red Hot Chili Peppers, has shared news of an upcoming self-produced double album in the electronic music genre, which is slated for release on February 3, 2023 via Avenue 66.

The first version of the LP, titled (pronounced “one”) will comprise seven songs on vinyl, while the second version, II (pronounced “two”) will feature 10 tracks for CD and digital.

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Discussing the forthcoming double record in a written statement, John Frusciante says: “After a year and a half writing and recording rock music, I needed to clear my head. I listened to and made music where things generally happen gradually rather than suddenly.”

He continues, “I would set up patches on a Monomachine or Analog Four and listen to them, hearing one sound morph into others, making changes to a patch only after having listened for quite a while, gradually adding elements, and finally manipulating the sounds on the fly. All tracks were recorded live to CD burner, with no overdubs, and executed on one or two machines.”

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Speaking of his creative influences, Frusciante reveals he was “inspired by my mental image of John Lennon’s tape and mellotron experiments he made at home during his time in the Beatles, as well as events like the first minute of Bowie’s Station To Station” and “the general idea of Eno’s initial concept of Ambient music.”

John Frusciante’s 2023 LP releases, titled I and II, are now available for pre-order here. See the full tracklists below.

John Frusciante – I

1. Clank
2. Sluice
3. Firpln
4. Untitled
5. OFD
6. Pyn
7. MK 2.1

John Frusciante – II

1. Golpin
2. MK 2.1
3. Pyn
4. Blesub Dot
5. Untitled
6. Clank
7. Frantay
8. Galvation
9. Sluice
10. Firpln