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Jonti Danilewitz (who has dropped his surname for the stage) is a South African born, Sydney based youngin’, who started his original solo project as Jonti Danimals. Fast forward to 2013 and its matured into a 5 player group surrounding a single drum set, separate synth and multiple percussion. This group blends hip hop with electronic beats to create tracks not sonically dissimilar to Flying Lotus, which is understandable as Jonti spent time at the guy’s house during his last LA visit.


This year, Jonti and his older brother (along with a bunch of other dudes) started Astral People which saw the development of the OutsideIn festival. Their mission this year was to reinterpret and pay tribute to the album Since I Left You released by the Melbourne pioneer group The Avalanches in 2000. The festival organized their acts to remaster, reinterpret and perform what tripleJ has named the Best Australian Album of the last 20 years. And they killed it with a 10 piece band, effectively giving the finger to all the skeptics. InTheMix has raved that “for many, the undeniable highlight of this year’s festival was the live recreation of The Avalanches’ seminal 2000 classic Since I Left You. The concept had many wondering how a live band was going to recreate such a densely produced album constructed from over 3,500 samples – but they pulled it off with aplomb and an ecstatic amount of energy. Local heroes Rainbow Chan and Jonti lead a ten-piece band of multi-instrumentalists (violins, flute, sax, bass, turntables, drums, keys, guitar, ukulele, more), the set-up must have been a nightmare for the sound engineer, but the band was tight from the first notes of opener Since I Left You, powering through a chronological medley of album highlights.”

Jonti has just recently released his new track with Big Scary which you can download for free here.




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October 17, 2013

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