Josephs Coat reach into unexplored sonic territories on ‘Feel Good’

On their latest single, Josephs Coat set a traditional lovesong against an unfolding tapestry of sonic expression.

Josephs Coat have returned with a reggae-rock banger ready to soundtrack the rest of your summer.

Feel Good bursts in bright textures and gritty undertones, providing a combination of genre that catches you by surprise. Sweltering and overflowing with lovesick tones, the single’s air-tight rhythms and explosive choruses are a testament to the group’s sonic versatility.

josephs coat

Opening with an almost pleading quality to his voice, frontman Ben Camden lays down a stellar vocal performance throughout the track. Feel Good is one of those ballads that just hooks you from the word go, knowing exactly when to expand and pull back in the most needed moments.

It’s upbeat but explodes with grit, capturing a sonic that is dark and summery all at once. In terms of their songwriting, Josephs Coat are writing with a Beatles-esque sensitivity. The opening gives the perfect taster of the track’s rock and reggae fusion before bursting into a million colours throughout its four-minute run. It’s the perfect blend of reggae and rock, light and dark, gravel and smoothness.

It’s that guitar solo in particular that highlights their sonic intuition. Backed by a sultry reggae groove, lead-guitarist Abe Camden creates a piercing hook with the potential to fill stadiums.

“Feel Good is the third single from their upcoming EP release!,” the band’s bio reads. “A straight-up love song, with Ben the singer declaring his excitement and passion for a new partner, with dips and turns all through this track swirling in and out of rootsy sections and tight indie grooves.”

Eclectic and catchy, Feel Good will have you pressing rewind for weeks.

Check out the track below: