Juliet by day, Fox by night: a chat with rising techo star Juliet Fox

Juliet by day, Fox by night: a chat with rising techo star Juliet Fox

After having played some of the most famous clubs and festivals all over the world, techno DJ and producer Juliet Fox is finally making her highly anticipated return to her home country, Australia.

She’s starting her tour at Melbourne’s Brown Alley club on Valentine’s Day, then finishing off in Perth where she’s supporting techno heavyweight Nina Kraviz.

juliet fox Patrick Siebert
Photo: Patrick Siebert

From Adelaide to Berlin: find out how Australia’s own Juliet Fox inked her position as one of techno’s up-and-coming powerhouses.

Fox’s creative journey began in Adelaide, where she started playing in small bars and clubs. She adds that she’s been very passionate about electronic music from a young age. Her journey then took her from Adelaide to Melbourne, where she began experimenting with her music, developing her own unique sound and style.

“That was, you know, not long before I moved away, probably one or two years before that, and that’s really when I moved over and did a summer in Ibiza ten years ago and started DJing in some small bars and clubs. And then from that, I could see that you could actually make something from it, whereas before in Australia I think it was more something on the side.”

Mixing sets, however, wasn’t enough for Fox. She was always experimenting alongside her DJing work, but only started properly producing eight years ago. Since then she’s inked in tracks for some prestigious dance labels, such as Come Closer which was released on Adam Beyer’s Drumcode last year.

When producing tracks for labels that are known for their distinctive sound, I asked Fox if she tries to channel that style or favours a more open approach.

“I do more now. I think in the last year, particularly, I’ve tried to just make my music, I’d say it’s just how I feel at the time. I mean, yeah, a lot of people stress themselves too much and they’re trying to make a particular sound for a particular label. But I think it’s important just to create your own and then see where that goes and if it’s going to suit one particular label. If not, then you have to keep your options open.”

Having lived in Europe for ten years, Fox has moved from London to Ibiza and now, Berlin – the experiences she’s built over this period reflected quite obviously in the evolution of her sound and style. Fox’s tracks are a fusion of darker, heavy basslines with almost psychedelic melodies. The vocals in particular showcase the way she’s been soaking up the character of the cities she’s lived in and travelled to.

Fox says that meeting the people, exploring their culture, and being allowed to discover the personality of these cities has had an incredibly positive impact on her life.

After citing the German techno capital, behind Berlin some of the most memorable sets she has played were at Rainbow Serpent and Beyond The Valley last year. Gigs in Australia mean a lot to Fox because of how involved and passionate the audience were, and how her music has catalysed this connection.

“So, second to Berlin, I’d have to say that in an even more fun and energetic way are Australians. I was quite surprised, but I’m really hoping it stays like that.”

To date Fox has supported several world-class DJs at festivals and other events. She’ll be supporting German heavyweights Pan Pot at Sonorous Warehouse Social in Auckland. An ideal lineup to her, though, would be different. Fox would like to feature some of her closest friends, as well as some bigger names.

“I would like to be a bit more versatile,” she shares, “it’s a tough industry, which is the reason why I’d like to showcase a few more people.”

Juliet will be playing nine gigs around Australia and New Zealand, starting February 14th. Additionally, her upcoming EP Hologram will be released via Filth On Acid on February 28th. The EP showcases Juliet’s versatility again; she’s diving deeper into a more industrial and experimental sound. Yet again, the passion and innovation in her music is proving that there’s a reason why she’s one of techno’s rising stars.


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