Juuni are offering boxes of free, sustainable period products to Australian women

Periods are a part of life, but how we deal with them says more about us than them. Juuni is changing perceptions for the better.

Juuni is an exciting enterprise that is looking to improve life for women around the world. They offer an innovative line of women’s products that have been designed and manufactured with the welfare of not only women, but the world that we all share, in mind.

Currently, Juuni is running an initiative that is contributing tampons and other women’s hygiene products to Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory and Western Australia. But everyone is free to try them out – if it’s your first time grabbing one of Juuni’s boxes of curated products, it’s on the house.

Each Juuni box contains a combination of organic pads, liners and/or tampons which you can mix and match to suit your specific needs, some little bonuses, and “a sweet treat”. You’ll also be able to grab a few samples of their successful acne patches, SpotNix, as well.

Click here to order your first Juuni box for free – just make sure to use the code ‘ALIDADDO’ at checkout.

Movements to offer free period products are gaining momentum all over the world. New South Wales recently became the third Australian state to announce a trial of free products in schools, following Victoria in July 2020 and South Australia in February 2021. Elsewhere on the planet, Scotland has become the first country in the world to outrightly make all menstruation products free, and New Zealand is hot on their heels with a similar deal being struck for students across the nation.

With an incredible precedent already set in these parts of the world, it’s hopefully just a matter of time before Australia catches up with more positive legislation surrounding menstruation equality.

Until then, we can certainly be happy that brands such as Juuni are doing their utmost to break down outdated stigmas and make period products accessible to everyone.


Click here to order your first Juuni box – again, use the code ‘ALIDADDO’ at checkout to get a box for free.