Keen to wig out at the grocery store? Here are best videos of the week

Ah school holidays, a time for frolicking by the beach and eating gummy bears with your mates long into the night. Oh wait, it’s not 1950 anymore you say? Chances are your child has their eyeballs glued to their iPhone, or iPad, or iWatch, soaking in every gold nugget the web can offer. As it so happens we’ve tossed together four of those nuggets in a convenient listicle for some of the coolest videos to come out this week.

4 best videos Hayden Calnin

Tales in space, young lust and terrifying trips to pick up this week’s shopping, we present some of the best videos of the week to hit the web.

Aidan Knight – All Clear

There’s plenty to love about Aidan Knight‘s All Clear, from the rich 60s aesthetic to the gorgeous slow motion that captures the sense of apathy our protagonist feels. It all comes to a head once he visits the Realm Therapy office, his animated self far more alive than he ever was in the real world.

Pouff – Grocery Store

Put simply, the best acid trip you can take without taking acid.

Hayden Calnin – White Night

Hayden Calnin can always deliver with weighty lyrical material, and while the video for White Night doesn’t follow the story he tells to a tee, the one it presents is bittersweet. When love and lust are confused to the point where they are interchangeable, what we get is a candid story of a young man at a loss.

World Champion – Avocado Galaxy

Future Classic newbies World Champion shared their debut single Avocado Galaxy not too long ago, and the video for it is appropriately funky and out of this world.