Kirin J Callinan – Embracism

Kirin J Callinan‘s debut graced us on the 28th of June, and in celebration we’ve been listening to the title track ‘Embracism’ as well as the second single ‘Love Delay’ quite obsessively (as well as all of his other available songs). FBi has done a great job of getting behind this release leading up to it being album of the week last week. In it’s initial moments ‘Embracism’ is shockingly abrupt and leaves you reeling and more than just a bit confused; and while the tone of the track does not evolve towards the mainstream, by the end of the song you either hate it or find yourself to be bewilderingly in love with no clear idea of how you came to be that way.

As I first delved into some of the songs I found them to be harsh, raw and shrill to the ear, but on my second listen I found the heavy Australian accent and the twang he puts behind it helps to bring the story and song to life. As Embracism, draws to an end, it’s crystal clear to see that Kirin J Callinan is an extremely talented individual. The way it all fits together and flows and the way the album balances high-energy experimental tracks, then entwines ballads and pop songs is extraordinary – Something You Said

Kirin J Callinan

After that initial contact, Callinan’s other tracks become instantly palatable and leave you hungering for more; it is not that his other songs are any less unapologetic, but rather Callinan’s songs command you look at the world in a different way. Listening to Callinan is nothing short of an experience that demands your complete attention and well…embracism; you either accept everything that it is or you leave it be.

He’s a feral vocalist, hyper-masculine but also unhinged to the point where you can sense he’s been damaged by it. “Embracism” is a left hook to the face that doesn’t want to be liked so much as it needs to leave a mark – Pitchfork

This Friday is the last show of his USA tour and just five days after Callinan will be setting off on a month-long tour if Australia and New Zealand. From next Wednesday you can catch Kirin J Callinan playing up and down the Aussie East Coast with three shows in NSW; tour dates and ticketing information can be found here.



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