Komanda unleash a meaningful dance masterpiece on ‘Modern Life’

Komanda are a duo burning nuance back into dance music, their latest single Modern Life is certainly no exception.

If our modern world had a soundtrack, how would it unravel? It would need to be a sound that captured the fragile momentum that we experience everyday, one that felt vibrant, bruised, and constantly moving forward. Although an impossible task, Komanda’s latest single does just that.

Modern Life is a track that tears electronica at the seams, stitching through with tattered honesty. Melting the best parts of dance, rock, pop, and psychedelia into a glimmering sojourn, the single exposes our world with stunning clarity, burning down facades and speaking to the intricacies of our society.

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Born from the talents of the U.S.S.R born & NY raised songwriter/producer duo Ed Zisk and Phillip Alexeev, Komanda are tracing the boundaries of dance and bringing the genre into a new light.

Opening with a disco feel, Modern Life quickly swells into thundering bass and storming melody. Everything about the track feels misty but that’s why it’s so brilliant. Dreamy vocals, pulsating synth all lend themselves to the hazy energy of our everyday: one that charges onward under a daze of connection.

Rather than using genre as a framework, Komanda opt to use style as a canvas from which they can build their towering sonic reflections. “Themes of mobile addiction, connection vs. community, and self-care are explored while the soaring falsetto and driving beat bring the song close to home. Is this modern life?,” the duo’s bio reads.

Komanda’s latest release just proves that they are a force to be reckoned with. Glimmering, poignant, and gut-punching, it is a track that will have you pressing rewind.

Check out Modern Life below: