KORG unveils the opsix altered FM synthesizer

KORG unveils the opsix altered FM synthesizer

KORG has announced a new digital FM polysynth: opsix. It’s an exciting instrument that offers up a fresh take on a classic style of synthesis.

Following leaks earlier in the week, KORG has officially announced the release of their new digital synthesiser, opsix. The makers describe the instrument as an “altered six-operator FM synthesiser”.

While there are parallels between the opsix and the Wavestate, the Volca FM and of course, the grandaddy of them all, the Yamaha DX7, the opsix also does FM its own way. It appears we can’t get enough of this luscious sound of the ’80s.

korg opsix

Although the new synth mirrors the six-operator engine of some classic FM synths, opsix brings in a multitude of waveforms, opening up a world of new possibilities for sound design.

Back in the day, FM synths were notoriously difficult to program — essentially you were guided by the presets. The opsix improves the FM workflow by including a range of hands-on tools for spontaneous and deep exploration, with a slider and a multifunction encoder for each operator.

Users also get clear visual information from the spectrum analyser and oscilloscope. KORG says “It shows output levels for each frequency band, so that you can see the distribution and changes to the harmonics at a glanced that are caused by modulation”.

Visit KORG for more details on this next-gen FM synth.