Lace De Bridge’s ‘Lost Boy’ explores identity with hard-hitting subs

Lost Boy from Lace De Bridge is a pulsing dose of electronic alt-pop, tackling themes of identity and spirituality.

Roman raised, Melbourne-based Lace De Bridge is an artist in every sense of the word. From the soundscapes he makes, the lyrics he pens, and the videos he performs in, there’s an abundance of personality and story to witness.

His sophomore single Lost Boy takes on the evergreen theme of identity in contemporary fashion, boasting a heavy bass and huge vocals. Alongside its music video, directed by award winning cinematographer, Bruce Gil (Dub FX, Salmo), Lace De Bridge is carving his mark onto the darker side of electronica.

Lace De Bridge

Lost Boy kicks off with a choir-vocal hook and a mechanical-sounding drum loop, hitting strictly on beats 2 and 4 for maximum head-bop impact. Then comes in the fiercely powerful subs, playing a pulsing bass rhythm that gives the track its dark, serious tone.

It all sounds slick and sinister, reflecting the sad story of a boy who has forgotten himself.

“By denying his true nature and history, the boy has lost his true power, his inner essence”, the artist comments.

Through a kaleidoscopic lens and moody lighting, Bridge looks the lens right in the eye, gaining total access to our attention. He sings in a commanding falsetto, contrasting the bass-heavy low end of the instrumentation. Producer Ryan Ritchie (Kimbra, Owl Eyes) serves this juxtaposition nicely by making the vocals clear and distinct.

“You disown your own story, now she’s back for revenge”, Bridge sings with brooding conviction. It’s a timely reminder to never forget the pieces of life that shaped you into who you are today. Don’t live in the past, but don’t forget it either. The artists’ first EP is coming real soon, so keep an ear to the ground.

Listen to Lost Boy below: