Introducing LANDR Studio, an advanced all-in-one option for creators

LANDR’S has just announced its most recent offering: LANDR Studio. A hub for creative people to congregate, produce, tweak, master and share music.

LANDR Studio is the advanced all-in-one option for music creators. It’s the next step in the direction for LANDR to be the prime place for the growing era of independent creators.

For $12.50/month, those who are part of the LANDR Studio community can utilise their top music-creation tools and technology, all to benefit their art of collaborating, mastering and distributing.

With various samples, sounds and plugins (one of our favourites being the Baby Audio Taip), LANDR have a royalty-free selection for subscribers to browse for inspiration or the perfect sound they’re looking for. For collaboration and community, LANDR provides chat options via video and audio and the ability for subscribers to share files, cementing that networking atmosphere. 

For solid production and mastering, it has an AI mastering engine that polishes the finishing touches to demos or finished tracks without using presets. There is even an assembled group of industrial pros that subscribers can access for advice and direction. 

With the option to share their music to more 150 streaming services and stores, subscribers are welcomed into a networking cluster of creatives. Big names in music production such as Arturia and IK Multimedia have partnered with LANDR Studio to provide a growing collection of creation tools. As LANDR expands, it will continue to partner with those big names in the music industry and consistently provide subscribers with additional value. 

Credit: LANDR Studio

This online studio is for bedroom beat makers, proficient producers and everyone in-between. LANDR saves time, it saves money, it creates a smoother work and creative flow and keeps creatives organised and motivated to finish all the unfinished projects that pile up!

Check it out LANDR Studio here!