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Leader Cheetah

Leader Cheetah released Lotus Skies way back in 2011 and we’re starting to get antsy; they’ve played a few low-key shows since they finished promoting the album but there’s been no real word on what they’re up to. Even the twitter feeds are sporadically updated, with no new tweets from the band since September last year.Leader Cheetah

Aussie band Leader Cheetah will chase you to the ends of the earth so you can find yourself. Their indie rock ballads will  give you strength –simple melodies, powerful atmospheres.

Lotus Skies was an album that gained moderate success, though it never really broke through the barrier into “popular” music. That is probably because, while Lotus Skies was a beautifully solid album, it didn’t demonstrate the amount of growth expected from a band in their sophomore album.

“They have remained pretty much true to their template of strong, simple songs built on eminently hummable melodies, warmth of tone and that strain of aching melancholy.”Faster Louder

Leader Cheetah’s most recent is an album to love and play over and over, but the public expects change and Lotus Skies had very little of that. The AU Review loved the album, but they like many other reviewers kept revisiting

“Lotus Skies features gorgeous arrangements and soothing instrumentation with Dan Crannitch’s distinct vocals floating above the lush sonic landscape. The album starts off strong with opener “Midnight Headlights” and it’s soft, melodious vibe that gently reels the listener in…Leader Cheetah have produced a solid record that becomes more beguiling with every listen….[but it’s] very familiar material and do[es] little to add to the well traveled terrain.” – The AU Review

A year and a bit down the track though, it’s important to move past the familiarity and embrace how great an album Lotus Skies actually is, playing Leader Cheetah on shuffle through your iPod may not offer much distinction between which song belongs to this album or The Sunspot Letters but you’re going to enjoy yourself the whole time.




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May 16, 2013