Legend the Rapper unleashes bold, 808-style EP ‘PSYCHO$i$’

Legend the Rapper (aka Legend) has returned with a powerful, evocative, 808-heavy EP, PSYCHO$i$.

An impressive follow-up to Bi-Polar, Legend the Rapper’s latest offering is an impactful, high-voltage EP, PSYCHO$i$.

Inspired by the likes of Young Dolph, UGK and Key Glock, this deftly produced four-track collection has received glowing praise from the US-born, Melbourne-based artist’s devoted and growing fanbase.


Kicking off with DON CHEADLE, we are instantly entranced by a bold, menacing, orchestral-style melody, coupled with raw, unapologetic lyrics that are elevated by Legend’s energetic, free-flowing rap style.

Flowing seamlessly into JOHNNY WEST, we are treated to rich, deep vocals underscored by a strong, enticing rhythm that upholds the track’s boisterous energy for a jam-packed two minutes that will leave you smashing the ‘replay’ button once more.


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Transitioning into G.I. JANE 2, we are promptly greeted by an attention-grabbing sample of Will Smith yelling at Chris Rock during their infamous altercation at the 2022 Oscars. This aggressive soundbite of a widely-recognisable pop culture reference is effortlessly juxtaposed with a soothing melodic riff played on the piano.

This stark, dramatic contrast sets the stage for the rest of the tune, which is laden with texturally-diverse sounds that are brought together by a constant, bass-heavy beat.

And last, but most certainly not least, the ultimate highlight track from the EP is DANIEL RICCIARDO, named after the legendary Italian-Australian F1 racer. Currently sitting at over 26K streams on Spotify, it showcases an extremely catchy hook and polished production.

The vibrant, anthemic quality of DANIEL RICCIARDO helps conclude the EP on a high note. In the words of Legend, it “gives the listener a ‘final form’ experience that transforms them into their full potential.” Stream PSYCHO$i$ via Spotify below.