Liam Gallagher starts Christmas right…. by becoming a snowman

He’s coming to Australia in a matter of weeks for Falls Festival and its sideshows, but Liam Gallagher is by no means taking it easy as Christmas approaches.

He has recently been revealed as the voice behind a poor little melting snowman.

A project by The Climate Change Coalition, Liam Gallagher’s character aims to raise awareness for rising temperatures and their effects upon the environment, clearly becoming more visible in the melting Northern Hemisphere.

Gallagher has been incredibly vocal in his support of climate change awareness and the environment, stating here as Sammy The Snowman “It might feel chilly, and the wind might bite at your noise… But in the grand scheme of things, our earth is too hot, and it’s getting even hotter. Our seasons are getting confused, lots of birds are nesting earlier and spring flowers are coming out too soon.”

Check out the clip below.

He’s not the first British pop celebrity to get behind the environmental cause, with Paul McCartney also voicing a short documentary on the meat industry. 


Liam Gallagher is playing this years’ Falls Festival and sideshows alongside The Kooks, Foster the People, Jungle and more. Grab all the info you need right here.