“I find myself sometimes making things hard”: Listen to a newly unearthed Nirvana interview from 1989

Nirvana fans rejoice – a rare, Bleach-era interview from 1989 has just been unearthed and it’s guaranteed to give you a chill down the spine.

In June 1989 Nirvana had released their first album, Bleach, which earned the band popularity in the underground rock music scene and saw them go on their first national tour.

Photo: Reddit

A Bleach-era interview with Nirvana has just been uploaded online in its entirety, three decades after it was first recorded on a tour stop in New York.

One of their stops included New York, where they spoke to English journalist John Robb about their creative process and their ambitions for the future – pretty amazing stuff considering we’re all familiar with the latter part of the story.

Almost three decades later, Robb has uploaded the interview and made it available for all fans to listen to.

Robb asks Cobain what his songs were written about, to which re replied, “It’s hard to say. Anger, negativity… in a typical punk rock attitude,” as the other band members laughed in the background.

Cobain also said he found himself becoming “happier” as he had left his town of Aberdeen in Washington and “escaped” becoming anther tree logger.

“I find myself sometimes making things hard for myself so I can still have a little bit of anger,” said Cobain.

Listen to the full interview below.

Via Tone Deaf.