LISTEN: Stripped-back remix of Izy's 'They Don't Care'

LISTEN: Stripped-back remix of Izy’s ‘They Don’t Care’

Whatever you plan on doing tonight, have Izy’s stripped-back, neo-soul remix of They Don’t Care playing in the background!

They Don’t Care is a reimagined version of Izy’s 2021 release of the same title, with its original sound flipped on its side, showcasing a raw, deep house remix sound produced by legend, DJ Osunlade. Osunlade takes They Don’t Care and spring cleans the arrangement, to make some breathing room for the bassist and vocalist, Warrigo Tyrrell, to float through the minimalist house sounds that seem to whisk away listeners. 

Osunlade has been well established for a long time as a deep house producer and engages within that world with an intricate passion, yet a minimalistic mindset. Having grown up in St. Louis, Missouri, Osunlade left his hometown to become a full-time nomad. Since founding Yoruba Records, he has collaborated with, and remixed for, artists including Patti Labelle, Freddie Jackson, Roy Ayers, Nkemdi, Salif Keita, and Cesária Évora. His music is deeply rooted in the spirituality of Yoruba traditions, which is also reflected within his record label, album covers, and core ethos in life.

Credit: Marie Staggot

Osunlade revealed his sparse approach to the journey of the They Don’t Care remix: My introduction to Izy was seeing them play this song live. They instantly became one of my favourites as did the song. So to remix it was not only an honor but a challenge as I wanted to keep the integrity but bring it to the dance floor while keeping the soul.”

The remix track is the first single from Izy’s Irene-Remixes (Volume I), which will be a multitude of dancefloor-centered re-created tracks of their 2021 album, Irene. These remixes pick out the raw, soulful vocals and analog production, recontextualising them in throbbing new instrumentation. The launch of Volume I remixes sparks off as the 3-piece band head back to their lair to rearrange album number two.

Tonight, pour yourself a wine, sit in the bath, and have a post-work boogie. They Don’t Care (Yoruba Soul Extended Mix) is now available everywhere. Check it out on HopeStreet Recordings and stream it via Spotify below.