Lord Of The Rings TV show issues call for “funky-looking” extras

Ever been described as funky-looking by a dingus on your walk home? Well, the jokes on them.

Lord Of The Rings might just have a spot for you to begin that acting career you’ve been putting off.

Photo – Lord Of The Rings – New Line Cinema

The company searching for extras for the anticipated Lord Of The Rings TV Show has specifically called for “funky-looking” people.

If you’ve seen the ever-iconic Lord Of The Rings movies before, you might remember those evil lookin’ creatures in the mines. Those creatures are orcs, and it looks like an upcoming television adaptation of the hits films is gonna need a few more. That’s right. This isn’t your typical casting call for a pair of broad shoulders and dreamy eyes. Not even the late and great David Bowie could audition again. This is time for the funky to shine.

BGT Actors Models & Talent recently gave some specifics for people looking to join the TV show. They’re asking for features like this: “an overbite, face burns, long skinny limbs, deep cheekbones, lines on your face, acne scars” – you get the idea. I’m sure they send their deepest condolences to the wannabe Brad Pitts. Middle Earth might not be for you.

So, if you know a mate that ticks these kinda boxes, or you’re feeling ready to apply, here’s what you need to do. You’ll need to send a distinct photo of yourself, provide your phone number, be able to work in New Zealand, and of course, have plenty of availability. Unfortunately due to corona, Aussie lookers won’t be able to fly over in time, but if you’re from NZ, this is your lucky day. Stay funky.

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