Cris Gamble hits the jackpot with his single, Anthony James

Loving this new wave of Aussie hip hop? Cris Gamble adds another notch to the belt with his new cut, Anthony James

Hola, kids! Let’s get loose because Cris Gamble just dropped the banger of all bangers.

Not sure where you stand on ‘Aussie Hip Hop’, but if there was ever a fresh face to add to the genre, Gamble is a sure fucking bet.


Anthony James is raw and sensual while remaining inherently thoughtful. The new single from Cris Gamble bears all the hallmarks of rap genius.

Anthony James is the new track from Melbourne rapper, Cris Gamble who shreds with classic dark bass and tight poetic overlay. Dripping in harsh brutality and swag, Anthony James does not hold back, sexy and sure to get your ass up from the couch, this new track is progressive and angsty. Hitting up some classic American pop culture, a la iconic actor, Anthony James; this new tune is reflective and political, sexual and cultural.

A real development since Tonic, which dropped early last year on Unearthed, this new one from Cris Gamble is intricate and bold both lyrically and throughout its production. Looping smoothly between memorable and simplistic, tight bass and kick drum, we see Gamble exposed as a lyricist of aggression and raw detail.

Anthony James is sexual and pushing a few touchy boundaries, but Gamble’s assertion and endearingly brash Australian drawl saves him at the right moment every time. ‘In the ocean get wavy like a sea storm,’ he spiels and a storm is totally where this track takes me. It’s dark and each bridge lights it up, electric and thunderous, contrasting organ key effects with the hood-bouncing drumbeat.

The track draws you in with sultry harmonic synth, pulling the bass line in, along with any gangster vibes you felt you had in you… I dare anyone hearing this track not to drop one hand off the steering wheel and wind his or her window down.

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Building and building from this sharp opener into a bold tidal wave of electrifying production and spitfire poetry, Gamble hits us with his personality from the first word, it’s reflective, unapologetic and drenched in his Latin heritage. Wet with wealth and sexual glamour, but still rough and dirty enough to steer clear of anything contrived or elementary.

It’s got elements of Wu Tang, it’s got Tyga and it’s got Yeezy but above this, it’s so Australian, fresh and exciting. With building waves of exquisite production and articulated Latin atmosphere, Cris Gamble does not shy away from exposing himself as a personal artist hitting it hard and straight up.

Roll down your windows and stretch up to drop it low, Cris Gamble has got everyone dripping with sex, beats and old school hood vibes with Anthony James.