Lux makes a polished debut with I Need Love, a sad banger for the ages

Introducing Lux, who recently broke into the Aussie scene with his pristine debut single I Need Love. Pairing slick, syncopated beats with a hybrid hip-hop/R&B vocal, it’s clear this young talent has some absolute hits up his sleeve.

Fans of Denzel Curry, Juice WRLD, and a nice, sad banger, listen up.

lux i need love

Introduce yourself to the sobering sounds of Lux, a rising R&B talent blossoming out of Melbourne.

I Need Love goes where many songs have gone before, although not without Lux’s own twist. Written after a relationship break-up, the track deals with the emotionally gut-wrenching realisation that while one party needed things to finish, maybe the other wanted the exact opposite.

Lux carries the sentiment of the song effortlessly, jumping from rhyme to rhyme, verse to verse like a pro. I Need Love is an open invitation into what’s quite obviously a personal tale for this artist, and by the closing bars, you’ll feel like you were there the whole time.

The production in the track is similarly polished, straddling the line between modern R&B in the verses and a more classic feel in the chorus. Quick callouts, vocal tricks and breathless backups all add colour seamlessly, elevating the track to a cracking standard.

With new music on the way featuring a range of collaborators including vocalist Cory Jones, Lux is sure to turn some heads very soon. Keep an eye out for this particular show stopper.