Mar Haze premiere their new track Here She Comes

It begins with a croon. The kind of croon that comes from the depths of a person’s soul. It reverberates from the gut and echoes out into the night. It’s subtle and it creeps cautiously into your consciousness. It’s the kind of croon that turns a few heads at a bar, when your eyes wander up from the bottom of your glass to witness something beautiful. From that moment you’re ensnared by Mar Haze and the gentle yet raw Here She Comes.

Mar Haze

Sydney surf band Mar Haze slow things down on Here She Comes, a raw track that deftly explores the nature of affection.

The last we heard of the Mar Haze boys they had released their single Free Rider and were heading off an a fairly substantial tour of our fair east coast at the end of last year. Since then things have been a bit quiet, the boys burrowing away to write, record and play a few shows here and there. Here She Comes sees the band take a new step forward with their surf rock. To be perfectly honest, surf rock is a tried genre, so to see Mar Haze slow things down and move into more sultry territory is a welcome change of pace.

The most attractive thing about Here She Comes is the variety of sounds achieved within the space of the song without making it feel overcrowded. There is of course that gorgeous crooning backed by the lonely guitar that sets the sultry tone which is prevalent throughout the track. Then comes the organ, ringing out softly to deftly add to the sensual atmosphere. But it all takes a surprising turn with the inclusion of those 80’s inspired synths. They give Here She Comes levity and an incredible new dimension in which to play in. It’s the kind of synth your parents heard on those tacky power ballads (Richard Marx I’m looking at you). By no means has Mar Haze traded in their beach dude aesthetic for gloriously teased mullets. That small synth part just lingers, adding a touch of romance.

It is all quite well composed around that beautiful vocal, which is the real star of the show. It is what carries the song and it does so with finesse. The way “Here she comes again” is crooned and almost squealed towards the end loads the narrative with power and passion. As you may have guessed, this is a song about a boy liking a pretty girl. It isn’t a song of desire or heartbreak, it’s a song of admiration. Here She Comes is a celebration of what makes this woman amazing, yet without over doing things and landing in bloated love song territory.

Mar Haze are hitting the road this weekend for a quick run of shows to support the release of Here She Comes, so if you’re liking what your hearing check out the dates below.

Saturday March 14th – Tattersalls w/, Penrith, NSW

Friday April 3rd – Moonshine, Manly, NSW

Friday April 10th – Moonshine, Manly, NSW

Thursday April 16th – The Spectrum w/ Eddie Boyd, Sydney, NSW

Friday April 17th – Moonshine, Manly, NSW

Friday April 24th – Moonshine, Manly, NSW

Saturday May 2nd – Rad Bar, Wollongong, NSW

Friday May 15th – The Aztec, Forster, NSW



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