MCK shares tearjerker, ‘An Honest Mess’ from upcoming album

MCK challenges you to not think about your ex on her latest heartfelt single, An Honest Mess, which comes dripping in feels.

MCK channels her inner balladeer on their latest single, An Honest Mess, which will quite frankly, turn you into a mess of tears.

Taken from the artist’s upcoming album, Becoming, due for release in May, the single features the gentle bedroom croon of Mountain Boy. Together the two exceptional artists manifest a bittersweet performance.

An Honest Mess is a return to form for MCK who explores the sobered truth of love as she sings, “I don’t want easy, believe me, there’s no such thing as perfect people, and I’m no exception”.

MCK drops the kind of lyrical wisdom that blossoms only in the aftermath of total heartbreak.

The arrangement is sparse and spacious, opting to overflow the sonic space with emotion instead. MCK’s falsetto hovers above the echoed guitars and electronic drums like an autumn leaf hovering in an updraft.

“It’s about a very short-lived but high intensity relationship, where everything between us felt very breakable at every moment”, MCK said about the track.

“There was a certain amount of chaos from the very start – but there was also transparency about how complicated we both were that kept it honest. I didn’t want to pull away just because it was hard, so this was me asking if we could be open to the mess.”

It is a deeply personal lament of unrequited love whose arrangement leaves space for a duet of potent emotional proportions. It’s the kind of swooning tune fit to play as the credits roll to your favourite tearjerker.

Like many releases of 2022, MCK began writing Becoming during the lockdown of 2020. The album also includes two songs made with acclaimed producer and engineer Simon Gooding (P!nk, Dua Lipa). The bulk of the project was pieced together in sessions with collaborator Joel Jones (LA Women, Paddy Echo).

Listen to An Honest Mess below.