Megafauna Performs ‘Jacaranda’ Live at Enmore


Fresh to the Sydney scene, Megafauna is a five-piece band that are making waves on stage and in the studio.

Launching their debut single Jacaranda late in 2020, the band has enjoyed a run of shows alongside previous Live at Enmore guests, like PEEL and Jackie Brown Jr.

It was this single that the band brought to the session. Fizzing with summery Australiana, the track is jangly, dreamy and has a melody that will etch itself on your brain. 


Jacaranda was Mixed and Recorded by Dan Shaw and Radi Safi


The momentum of the track came from the strums of Freyja Fox and grooves of drummer Tess Wilkin, with spacious lead lines from Lily Keenan on guitar, airy synth from Ellen Fitzgibbon and melodic bass playing of Lucy Warriner. It all formed a perfect bed for the rich vocals and catchy call-and-response shouts.

Here’s what Freyja Fox had to say about Jacaranda

It’s an homage to the jacaranda tree… it’s an epic thing you get to see every October and November, where purple just litters the floor.”

Check out the performance below:

To stream Jacaranda head over to Spotify.