Michael Burrows teams up with Neil Finn for new track ‘Please Don’t Cry’

The warm and tender feeling one gets while listening to Michael Burrows’ new song Please Don’t Cry creates a truely homely vibe.

Featuring the one and only Neil Finn on harmonies, the song perfectly encapsulates Burrows’ Nashville overtones.

Michael Burrows

Getting the chance to write with one of his heroes, Michael Burrows turns in a gorgeous and homely song featuring Neil Finn.

Having won a chance to record for two days with the Crowded House frontman, it is obvious Burrows pulled out all the stops to create two songs that capture everything he is about. With elements of Wilco’s Americana and Beatles-esque harmonies, Please Don’t Cry is a beautiful and welcoming song.

Following on from his debut EP Turn This Love Around from last year, which featured charting songs including the EPs title track and Brightest Star, Burrows doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Talking about his chance to work with one of New Zealand’s greatest musicians, Burrows said: “When Neil sang harmonies on my song, I was ready to die right there in that NZ studio chair”. Most people would feel the same way. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet, let alone work with your idol.

Thankfully Burrow’s made the most of these productive sessions and has a beautiful song to show for it. It is a torch-light camp-fire song that feels fresh and alive.

Check out the new music video below.